Shh... Here's 10 Insurance Secrets you Need to Know

1. Newer can can be less--

Newer vehicles come with safety, protective features that may decrease your premium

2. Your credit score--

Your credit score is a determining factor in your insurance rates

3. Estimates FIRST--

Don't open a claim if the amount to fix your car is less than your deductibles

4. Bundle, bundle, bundle

Discounts come with bundling your home and auto

5. Loan/Lease Gap--

If you owe more on your vehicle than the value- the gap- will be covered

6. Sewer Back-up Coverage--

If water come up through the basement, make sure you have the coverage

7. ALL cars in the household--

Must be insured, even if you don't or barely drive them, it's a state requirement

8. Pay in full discounts--

Pay quarterly, 6 month, or in full to receive discounts

9. New house, less premium--

Newly built homes tend to have increased safety features, have all new materials, less likely to catch fire or get water damage

10. Test Driving/Renting a car-

Your policy coverage stays if you carry full coverage on your vehicles