What Does Your Office Say About You?

Colors are known to distinctively have an affect on our mood. This is relevant in your office when you spend a majority of your time there.

Neutral colors- white and grey may seem like a good simple idea but tend to hold a quality that isn't conductive to getting work done. It has this effect of making people feel uninspired. If you do have a neural color- ACCENTS.


Warm colors- they are more energizing but tend to become a distraction. For instance, red is associated with energy but aggression and yellow with optimism but anxiety. Maybe instead look into lighter colors or shades.


Cool colors- like blues, greens, and purples create peace, productivity, and a calm surrounding this is good for high-stress environments.


Mainly, focus on bright accents. You want your office to feel personal. Also, lighting is important, natural light especially! Have fun with it and make your office enjoyable to work in!