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5 Exercises to get your Butt Moving at Work

By July 11, 2016April 27th, 2023No Comments

Going to the bathroom?

1 lunge, 2 lunge, squat, 1 lunge, 2 lunge…

Disclaimer: don’t wait till you’re about to pee your pants for this one

Shrug it off

Simply move your shoulders up to the ceiling, hold, and release out of that hunch backed position and feel your body remove its tension.

Burn baby Burn

Workout that core muscle by sitting in your rolling chair and extending yourself an arm’s length away from your desk. Next, lift your feet off the ground and squeeze you core as you pull yourself into the desk.

Nice to meet you

Sit up straight with your feet flat on the floor, then put your hands together like you’re shaking your own hand (with one thumb towards the ceiling and the other towards the floor). Then, pull with all your might and feel them biceps working as you resist the motion of both arms. Hold, hold, hold, release, then repeat.

Show me a little swing

While sitting at your desk lift your feet off the ground slightly, tighten your core, then with your hands holding your desk swivel your chair left and right. Resist the motion with your core using those abs.

Hey, we all know how hard it is to sit at our desk for hours on end and have no time for a workout when we get home. But every little bit does count so don’t be discouraged from testing it out. Even share with your co-workers and make it a little competition… who knows!