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Back to School, Ohhh Back to School

By August 1, 2016April 27th, 2023No Comments

Summer break is winding down and it’s time to start getting back into school mode. This time of the year is stressful for all ages. I’m here to help provide you with a few tips on how to stay organized, on time, and social without having a mental breakdown.

  • Write it in the Planner- Help keep your young, smart children organized by routinely writing in and checking their planner. It’ll keep you both on the same page.
  • Night time- Set the kids’ sleep schedule 2 weeks before school starts.
  • Homework time- Set a regular alarm each day that signals the start of homework time.
  • Time it right- Let your timer be motivation. Homework for 20 minutes, break for 5 minutes.
  • Collection bin- A place for graded worksheets and old handouts to go instead of cluttering up or getting lost in the house. Throw away accordingly.
  • Play dates- Arrange play dates with their friends to rebuild existing social ties.