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Shh… Here are 10 Insurance Secrets you Need to Know

By January 17, 2017April 27th, 2023No Comments

1. Newer can can be less–

Newer vehicles come with safety, protective features that may decrease your premium

2. Your credit score–

Your credit score is a determining factor in your insurance rates

3. Estimates FIRST–

Don’t open a claim if the amount to fix your car is less than your deductibles

4. Bundle, bundle, bundle

Discounts come with bundling your home and auto

5. Loan/Lease Gap–

If you owe more on your vehicle than the value- the gap- will be covered

6. Sewer Back-up Coverage–

If water come up through the basement, make sure you have the coverage

7. ALL cars in the household–

Must be insured, even if you don’t or barely drive them, it’s a state requirement

8. Pay in full discounts–

Pay quarterly, 6 month, or in full to receive discounts

9. New house, less premium–

Newly built homes tend to have increased safety features, have all new materials, less likely to catch fire or get water damage

10. Test Driving/Renting a car-

Your policy coverage stays if you carry full coverage on your vehicles