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Understanding Full coverage

By June 2, 2022April 27th, 2023No Comments
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What is Full Coverage?

Full Coverage is explained as combing collision and comprehensive insurance which will pay out if your vehicle is damaged, plus liability coverage which pays for injuries and damages you cause to others. Full coverage is extra protection that comes at a cost. Adding physical damage protection and other optional coverages will cost more than a liability-only policy. Your lender may use the term “full coverage,” but that simply means they’re requiring you to carry comprehensive and collision, plus anything your state mandates.

How much?

Such a common question, however every situation is different. How much depends on many factors including the year, the make, the model of the vehicle you want to protect, plus the deductible you select the cost of comprehensive and collision coverage will decrease if you choose a higher deductible.

A policy with extensive coverage can be affordable. Especially being an independent agent, we can shop through multiple companies. Keep in mind that a policy with extensive coverage can be more affordable than you might think, as most companies offer discounts to help you attain cheap full coverage car insurance. You also always have the option to bundle your auto insurance with homeowners or renters’ insurance.

Why Full Coverage?

If you carry liability only on your auto policy, it means you’re covered up to specified limits for damages or injuries you cause to someone else. A liability only policy will not cover damages caused to your own vehicle to protect your vehicle against any physical damage you will want to have full coverage. A new vehicle is an investment and should be protected as such which is why full coverage is important. Having full coverage will cover damages caused to your vehicle due to accidents and incidents that are both in and out of your control.

Additional Coverages

If your vehicle’s value is extremely minimal (less than $2,000), it may not make sense to carry physical damage coverage. Should you decide to select liability coverage only, make sure you’ll be able to purchase a new vehicle out of your own pocket in the event it’s totaled and uninsured.

Extra coverage like roadside assistance or rental car reimbursement is typically inexpensive and can be purchased at your discretion as well. Roadside assistance provides coverage if you are ever stuck on the side of the road, you may call roadside services for towing to nearest mechanic or repair facility of your choice. Rental car reimbursement provides reimbursement for a rental car in the event of an accident.  

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